Armani Luminous silk versus Power fabric foundation | Charlotte London MakeupMiss
Giorgio Armani have recently released their newest foundation in years...Power Fabric - what a strange name I have been a fan of their Luminous silk foundation for years, it has a cult following. Which one should you buy and what are the differences? They come in almost a exact bottom and look very similar on the hand. Luminous silk - This gives a natural look on the skin. Neither matte or particularly dewy, the foundation has medium to buildable coverage and just makes your skin look perfected. The wear time is good but this will fade slightly toward the ebd of the day. Power fabric - This gives a natural matte finished and feel lightweight on the skin. The coverage is medium to full, slightly more than Luminous silk. This would be great for normal to oily skin. The wear time is longer, lasting all day with minimal fade. The colour selection for both seem pretty similar, if you already wear Luminous silk you would most probably be the same colour in Power fabric. This does not oxidise