Steve Valentine's MAGIC ON THE GO Subscription service.
The Best Online Magic School in the World Get unlimited access to all Magic On The go classes, hundreds of videos and ideas and routines, with regular updates! EXCLUSIVE - PERSONAL - IMMERSIVE "Steve is one of the greatest teachers of magic alive today!" Chris Philpott In the world where many sites offer you never ending stream of magic videos this one stands above the rest. The content on Magic on the Go is carefully created and curated by world renowned expert on magic, Steve Valentine. Steve is not only a successful actor with hundreds of hours of experience in front of the camera, he is a multi award winning magician dubbed by some as a “walking encyclopedia of magic”. With Magic on the Go Steve brings you his carefully created, top notch material that he teaches with fun, eloquence and directness. Stand up and close up, street and bar magic, puzzles, stunts and betchas, it’s all here, and will continue to grow with special SV updates every month. And Steve teaches more than just tricks. From this seasoned performer you will learn about stage presence, act construction and flow, and above all ENTERTAINMENT. Steve’s highly-visual online membership-based learning platform has easy-to-navigate, bite-sized playlists, available anywhere on any computer or mobile device. Incredible new video content is added each month. With the ANNUAL subscription that's just $10 a month (with a one year membership) for all this content! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today. We will see you on the inside! IMPORTANT: CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: By signing onto and purchasing either a monthly or annual subscription to Magic On The Go you agree to the following CANCELLATION / REFUND: Magic On The Go is unlike any subscription service as the value of it’s contents are in the secrets and information divulged, magic secrets are not something that, once learned, can be refunded. Therefore it is understood that there is no partial or pro rated refund available on either of the memberships. Monthly Members can cancel anytime for FUTURE MONTHS, and it is understood and agreed that the cancelation will take place at the beginning of the next month, not mid-month. For annual members, there is no cancelation during the term of the agreement. If you wish to cancel for the following 12 month term you can. The incredible value offered with the annual membership makes it impossible and unfair to offer pro rated refunds. These rules are binding and by joining Magic On The Go you hereby agree to these terms and conditions. Magic On The Go reserves the right to change and amend these conditions in any way and at any time.