SKURE - Konjac Sponge - Lykke by Julie
The natural facial cleanser This 100% natural and soft konjac sponge removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and maintains the skin's pH balance. Konjac sponge is made out of 100% pure, natural konjac fiber, which derives from the konjac root, an Asian tree. The sponge has a texture that provides a gentle and thorough cleansing. It is not necessary to use additional cleansers or soaps unless you want to. It's perfect for all skin types - even very sensitive skin. It is recommended to use one of the facial oils after cleansing to obtain best results. "Happiness is to feel beautiful, clean and healthy." Benefits: 100% Natural cleanser 100% Free of additives and parabens 100% Biodegradable Gentle exfoliation Environmentally friendly