My So Called Life
Straying away from the 90's disposition deep within my soul sometimes leaves me looking blah and dressing blah and feeling like I know nothing about fashion or personal style. then I come back to it and have an "...Oh" moment, and things start making sense. I'm always in the mood lately to dispose of my whole 'closet' (aka clothing rack that sits in my room lookin pretty) but, that costs money, and sometimes I actually like my clothes. So instead I just complain a lot and then keep making outfits I kind of like or love esp when I remember that I'm kind of okay great at dressing like the era I was born in. I Style Looks blog I Style Looks blog istylelooks instagram istylelooks instagram facebook.com/istylelooks facebook.com/istylelooks I Style Looks blog #choker #70s #90s #spring #festival #minimal #effortless