A Long Walk in Barcelona
We didnt plan to visit Barcelona this year. Weve been there before Ian had already been twice, in fact. And in my regular life, I am just about the least spontaneous person youll possibly meet. But when you find yourself on a continent where a handful of new countries are just a few hours away by plane, its hard not to want to take advantage. So, when we got back from Greece, we made the truly spur of moment decision to book another trip the following week! We made reservations for our trip to Spain just nine days before departure and, honestly, it was a gloriously good decision. Sunshine, sangria, strong coffee and stunning architecture basically made up our four-day getaway, and the whole experience was so relaxing that I left my guard down, agreeing to be photographed in the flat shoes I wore to wander around the city, which, as you all know, almost never happens! Happy Friday, my lovely friends; I hope whatever the weekend holds for you is wonderful. #paigedenim #jonak #apc #celine