Stay Together- Noah Cyrus
Easter Blues You know why Easter is my favorite holiday? Because its full of pastel colours. Baby blues. Dusty pinks. Light yellows. Thats like the prime trio of my spring aesthetic this year. But other than the stellar colour palette making Easter the best holiday, we have ham for dinner every year and if theres one meat that describes me, its ham. Because Im a pig. And pigs are the perfect shade of dusty pig. See? Easter is great. So I celebrated Easter to the finest by dressing in the most Easter-y (wow, Taylor, you really couldnt think of a better adjective?) outfit I own. And of course, that had to include my favorite color, this pastel pink. I picked this sweater up from Forever 21 the other day and honestly, it might be one of the best Forever 21 purchases I have ever made. Its so soft. its a super nice fabric that literally feels like cashmere (obviously its not). Its quite a long length but it has a super big slit on the side so you dont look like youre totally drowning in it. Plus its on sale right so its an absolute steal! Go pick it up NOW! Overtop, I wearing this fluffy sherpa sweater that makes me look like a sheep. Sheeps are Easter-y too, right? Or a baby lamb. Or a bunny. Anyways, I got this sweater way back in the day (actually only three years ago) from Topshop and I was OBSESSED with it. However, like the majority of the things in my closet, I soon forgot about it soon after. But, Ive re-discovered it and I thought it completed my outfit perfectly. For bottoms, Im wearing my leather pants that are the biggest pain in the ass. Literally. Just kidding. Wow, Im really not funny today. Anyways, I love the way these pants look but they just dont work with my body. They are also falling down and theyre super low-waisted so Im constantly pulling them up throughout the day. But, as I have said many times (sarcastically of course), beauty is pain.