Denim Patch Jacket
The past few months Ive been wanting to create my own patch jacket so I Pinterest-ed a ton of images of them but had trouble finding the actual patches to put on the jacket. I had a million patches in the nineties and getting them then was as easy as going to any craft store. After scouring Etsy and loading up my cart, my total came to $75. I then abandoned my cart and went on Amazon. They have a ton of pretty cool patches. The hardest part about designing this was deciding which patches to purchase. Most are nostalgic and others look pretty cool, so it was really hard to decide. I decided to narrow it down by picking a color scheme. Most of the patches in my cart seemed to have red in them so I stuck with that. I found a seven piece set and then added a few cool ones to arrive at what you see on my jacket. I absolutely love this jacket. Its cool, unique and its my own custom design. I kept the styling of it simple, and refused to wear a denim jacket with denim jeans. I recently got these Bermuda Drop earrings from Kristin Perry. Theyre so gorgeous and when they hit the light a certain way, they show different shades of blue. I swear these earrings and this jacket were meant to be styled together. They pair extremely well. The earrings and the jacket make the perfect statement, while everything else vibes casual cool. Thanks for reading!