Life's Checklist (Short Film)
When a wedding day is imminent, hesitancy occurs as the reasons for marriage are naturally questioned. One must determine if they’re getting married for love, or for the sheer reason that marriage is one of life’s goals to complete. Nominee - 2015 American Visions Awards (Best Graduate Short Fiction Film) Official Selection - Parallel Film Collective Hair In the Gate Screening Official Selection - Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival WINNER - Urban MediaMakers Film Festival WINNER - Orlando Urban Film Festival More to Come... Director's Notes: I wrote this film in order to spark a dialogue about the way young adults view marriage. Within my peers, I started to notice that young adults are feeling pressured to get married because they believe that it is the “next step in life.” We have been conditioned to believe that there is one path in life and we must follow that path in order to achieve "success." I hope this film changes the hearts of those infatuated with having a wedding but are leaving the most important aspect of marriage out of the equation – love.