16 Things Over 25s Will Remember If You Grew Up In Colchester - Life in Lustre
Ah Colchester. This little town has seen an abundance of changes over the years. When reminded of the ‘old’ days it makes me feel a little fuzzy and nostalgic (it also reminds me how rubbish town is now) Lets look back at some classic events that changed our town. 1. We used to have a Woolworths. Just where H&M stands today was a glorious Woolworths where every pre teen used to spend their Saturdays scooping up the pick n mix and buying the latest CD single (yep single) that was out that week. 2. Before it was Woolworths it was Spoils…now thats a blast from the past. Ahh Spoils…that weird shop that sold most things (mostly kitchen things) that your mum would drag you round. Fun times. 3. There was a walkway where Spoils was that took you from Head St through to Culver Sq…magical. 4. 2 letters… C&A. Gah.… View Post