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Buy Now! $14.99 [ad_1] Is your competition outranking you in search engines? Are you wondering how to turn your "Likes" into leads, and convert them into cash? Are you worried about your site not getting enough visitors? I felt the same confusion when I was starting out as an Internet marketer. Fortunately, now, you won't have to. Here's why: In 2013, more marketers looked to social media marketing with more value. About 86% of them cited that social media is a significant part of their business, while 89% of them said that it benefits them by increasing their exposure to the market. Just think about these facts: -Facebook has 1.23 BILLION active users -Google + has 345 million active users -Every second, 2 members join LinkedIn -70% of Pinterest users are female -YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users every month -Grandparents are now the fastest growing demographic on Twitter -400 million tweets are sent each day - 53% of Twitter users recommend products in their tweets -93%