10 Day Trips for Londoners this Summer | KATYA JACKSON
I was filling in my calendar for June the other day and realized there were only 11 weekends left this Summer. At first it seems like you have plenty of time, but in reality, I already see myself at the end of August surprised where has this summer gone. The weather in passed May was surprisingly good, it was sunny almost every day. I really hope it will stay like this forever… joking! Anyway, this year I'm focusing on exploring the UK rather than going abroad. I'm spending my time on Pinterest looking for picturesque and beautiful places to go (Btw, you can follow me there for the UK travel inspiration). You probably have already been to 'obvious' and most popular travel destinations from London: Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and perhaps Bath. Even though these places worth a second trip, I've tried to make a list of new and not yet so popular places to visit. Ok, so below are 10 ideas for day trips this summer (or any other time of the year, if you read it when summer is already gone