Manic Panic Dreamtone White Foundation ⋆
Hi Loves, Happy nearly Friday! Recently I’ve been dipping into this Manic Panic Dreamtone white foundation / colour corrector, as I’ve been using it to lighten some foundations which are slightly too dark for me, it’s perfect for the winter, as my skin is even paler this time of year (pale girl problems!) It doesn’t make the foundation cakey or heavy, literally just lightens it. I love it. The foundation is also cruelty free and Vegan yay! 😊 I think I might need to check out the other “normal” shades of this foundation, I haven’t tried many Manic Panic products and feel I need to, they offer some funky looking lipstick shades and the packaging is on point! I think this would also use this at Halloween for ghostly makeup!… View Post