Abus Folding Lock, made in Germany
Folding lock is a slightly different way to protect the bike. It is a cross between the chain and cable locks. But what I like the most about it, that it fits so snug and tidy when you are carrying it around on your bike. INTERESTING FACT: Since the company is specialising in many types of locks, you can order many types of locks that will be keyed alike. One key, different locks, same level of protection Here is what makes Folding Brodo Lock 6000 special to me: 5 mm steel bars with soft coating that are coated with soft component to protect bicycle’s paintwork Soft cover and holder for the lock body which makes it less cold and more easy to handle. Bars are linked with special rivets that allow the lock to be folded. Premium cylinder that Abus is famous for, which offers high protection against manipulations e.g. picking. The company is famous […]