12 Reasons Why People Choose to Buy “Made in Europe”
1. CAN REPRESENT (OR BRING YOU CLOSER) TO YOUR HERITAGE For this point I would love to be from Scotland. Seriously. As far as stating your heritage goes there is no more mystique and romantic way than using your long family’s tartan colours. Just to explain, each Scottish surname represents a clan and each clan had their own unique pattern of tartan colours. Now, even if you are completely not fussed about tartan, there are so many products out there that a) made in Scotland, but also b) can be custom made to represent the colours and patterns of your long standing past. Just some ideas for my Scottish readers: tartan, scarf, rug, tie, ‘iThing’ cover, flat cap, wool tam, wallet, bow tie, satchel bag, cufflinks and list goes on. And surely, if you buy Scottish tartan it just has to be made there too. 2. FLY THE FLAG Some people are proud to show […]