IFA Presents: Film Distribution Masterclass
What is your strategy to sell your film? Most filmmaker focus all of their energy on making their film and leave the notion of actually selling it until the last minute. This is almost always the kiss of death for film distribution. No matter your budget, it is essential that you start early on with a strategy to make your audience aware of your film. As you build audience awareness, you must also build up your film towards it's release date. Anticipation of a film's release is absolutely essential. Of course, when it's time for your film to be released, you must also understand the ever changing world of distribution. Should you take your film to festivals? How can you sell your film at the AFM? Who do you need to be in touch with as your film is being made? All of these questions will make sure that when it comes time to make a distribution deal you know what you are doing. In this masterclass we talk with some of the biggest experts in film marketing and distribution. They will guid you through the process and tell you everything you need to know to make sure you don't make bad deals or fail to get noticed. Each conversation focuses on one main topic. We discuss ways to focus on a niche audience. All of the deliverables you will need. How to get into rotten tomatoes and large publications. How to sell your film at the American Film Market. And much much more.