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Get the DVD and other movie merch at Use Discount code: VHX for 15% off The entire Digital HD version of the Hair I Go Again DVD 2-Disc Collectors Edition. Download or stream. No television provider needed and you can watch from any of your devices. Includes: • Hair I Go Again Feature w/ Audio Commentary (106 minutes) • The Making of... Documentary Featurette • Inside the Music : The Making of "Eyes On Fire" Documentary Featurette • Hair I Go Again Blooper Reel • DVD Disc 1 Intro • DVD Disc 2 Intro • DVD Easter Egg #1 • DVD Easter Egg #2 • Extended Artist Interviews #1: Chip Z'Nuff & Johnny Monaco of Enuff Z'Nuff • Extended Artist Interviews #2: Share Ross of Vixen • Extended Artist Interviews #3: Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat • Extended Artist Interviews #4: Geoff Tate of Queensrÿche / Operation: Mindcrime • Extended Artist Interviews #5: Brian Forsythe of Kix / Rhino Bucket • Extended Artist Interviews #6: Dave Meniketti of Y&T • Extended Artist Interviews #7: Paul Shortino • Extended Artist Interviews #8: Record Producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Winger, Kix, Alice Cooper) • Deleted Scenes #1 - Motley Recruits: Shopping For a Band • Deleted Scenes #2 - Idolize of a Stranger: The Early Influences • Deleted Scenes #3 - Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Expensive: The Cost of Being In a Band • Deleted Scenes #4 - Appetite for Dysfunction: The First Guitar Lesson • Ron Keel Metal Cowboy Promo • DC101 - Bullet In The Chamber Demo Review • DC101 Radio Interview • Banana 101.5 Radio Interview Plus: • Uncle Nasty Radio Promo.mp3 • Totally Driven Radio Interview with Steve McClure of Hair I Go Again.mp3 • Streets of Rock n Roll 1.mp3 • Metal From Milan.mp3 • Ron Keel Radio Promo.mp3 • Streets of Rock n Roll 2.mp3 • Hair I Go Again Radio Spot.mp3 • Decible Geek Promo.mp3 • Metalheads United Interview.MP3 • Hair Metal Mansion.mp3