Gringo's in the Garbage
Own the Full Feature Documentary Today! Bonus Features Include Over 100 Bonus Images, The Return to El Liminal Bonus Video, and a 277 page bonus "Gringo's in the Garbage" E-Book written by award winning author Warren FitzGerald. El Limonal is an impoverished Nicaraguan community located between a sewage plant, a cemetery and a garbage dump. For people here, survival is a daily challenge largely achieved by making use of other people’s waste. Warren FitzGerald and Jess Rothenburger first visited El Limonal as ‘voluntourists’ in 2013. But they were compelled to return in 2014 to live with the locals and scavenge in search of recyclables and answers. The idea was to make a film about the experience, an equal share of the proceeds from which would be given to the community to spend however it wanted. For these two Gringos it was just the start of a journey of connections, joy, tears and illness that would lead them to question the very meaning of wealth and poverty. Not only would they learn about surviving from a dump, but also about the endurance of the human spirit and the preserving of dignity.