Alden Reclaimed Bathroom Vanity 57119
Rustic is in. And let's be honest, it is so much more interesting. No bathroom is complete without a vanity that matches the theme. For a rustic bathroom you need a vanity that looks rustic. This beautiful reclaimed bathroom vanity is the perfect fit for any bathroom. In a rustic bathroom, it has found its natural home. This elegant and unique vanity is made with reclaimed wood from old barns and other such sources. It is aged, perfectly cured and proudly bears the marks of its age. It has a natural worn appearance that comes only from having weathered the elements for years. It has cracks, holes, scratches and other marks of its existence, which add to its appeal and value. What is more exciting is that each piece is custom made and specific to your height, width and length. Our bathroom vanities are hand crafted by master carpenters. It is then finished by rubbing paste wax to seal the wood and give it a beautiful soft finish. The top of the vanity is sealed off to prevent water damage. Since each piece is handmade and finished, no two pieces are alike. The piece you order is guaranteed to be unique and one of its kind.