If You Want Life to Be Different, Live Differently
For longer than I can remember, I have said that I want to write a book. For longer than I can remember, I've said that I want to share more on YouTube and see if I could turn my passions (and favourite hobby) into a career. For many years now, the life I'm living is nothing to complain about on any level … but it's not spot on how I really want it to look either. Through all those years, have I started a book? Yes. Started and stopped more times than I can remember. Have I explored more in the vlogging and videography world? Hell yes, but never consistently and always without a proper plan. That all stops this weekend. In recent years I've had some valid "champagne problem" reasons for not succeeding and challenging myself more. I was dealing with a hard case of empty nest syndrome following my daughter's departure from home. I've relocated internationally for jobs that didn't work out, leaving me further and further