Girls, Get to Know Yourself Before You Settle Down
As much as we'd like to believe differently in 2019, women today still have fewer options in life than men. Just how deep that divide is depends greatly on the country where we live (or the customs of our parents) … that is true. In part because women are the ones who give birth to new life, we are more at risk of abuse than men are from women, and because gender roles were very well defined until just a few decades ago. So today I want to share one thought on #InternationalWomensDay >> that if I had it my way, every young woman on the planet would be given the time to know herself before the duties or raw challenges of life begin (before settling down or "settling"). My Path Growing up, I know that I was lucky to have a mom who was part of the women's liberation movement. She didn't march or go to demonstrations but in her own way she fought the system and helped to set new standards for women in the 70s in California (read that story here, it begins just after