Diary: I Can See The Light, But I'm Still In The Tunnel |
The monsoon breeze is blowing and the rains are pouring down at our flat in Jaimahal and I'm inspired to do something I don't normally do…write a short and honest 'my diary' post inspired by some things from my week. I don't want to go too much into the past. If you follow my blog then you know about my past year or so in India and the trials and tribulations that I have been dealing with since my arrival. I'm sure to many outside observers it looks as though I've been living a fun and exciting life full of constant parties and access to some very interesting people. And in part that is true. But beneath the surface of the party girl and the generally happy-go-lucky blogger who always sees the wonderful, funny and bright side to life in India, I have also been living the hardest and most financially stressful year of my life. This week I received not one but three emails from readers asking why I stopped writing and why I seem to only be writing reviews of local businesses. They