Ramadan Kuala Lumpur | Breaking Fast at TAPAK Food Truck Park With Friends |
Living in Malaysia is always awesome but it's never better than during Ramadan! This is my first year with Muslim friends and I'm going to take advantage of this by exploring the infamous food bazaars of Kuala Lumpur and breaking fast with them at hotspots like TAPAK, Malaysia's first food truck park in the heart of KLCC and just a stone's throw from Petronas Tower. TAPAK calls itself 'urban street dining' and it's all that and more, including cool live entertainment :-) Come with me as I explore TAPAK, try some food, and interview diners to see what they're eating to break fast! XOXO Angela © 2017, Angela Carson and ExpatAngela.com. All rights reserved. Do not copy and reproduce text or images without permission.