Malaysian Cold Brew Coffee by DEGAYO – Trying it @ Jibby & Co in Subang Jaya |
I only started drinking coffee when I moved to Hong Kong in 2014 and I know my palette is still not very mature even after two years. It's basically like when us girls first start drinking alcohol and we can only really enjoy the sweet, fruity drinks ... I think that's still where I'm at with coffee, which is massively embarrassing given that I'm a food blogger!! So when my new favourite Malaysian coffee brand invited me to learn a bit about Cold Brew I jumped at the chance. DEGAYO is an ethically-run, family-owned coffee company that basically serves tree-to-cup delicious blends of coffee ... and they are the brand of coffee that I choose to drink at home. Businesses who buy their beans care about quality, and include Enfin by James Won here in KL, Black Kettle in Penang, and as I've just learned today ... the charming and cool Jibby & Co at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya (home to a TANGS, I had no idea!). My Review >> So it