GUEST BLOGGER Ophelia Balan: The Reality of Sexual Harassment in India |
Note from Angela: I find the writer's references to Bollywood films interesting and her manner of conveying her own negative experiences to be without any hint of self pity. She is a friend of mine and she conveys the facts and her feelings beautifully.} It was with sympathy and understanding that I read Michaela Cross's account of her time in India, which was widely reported on CNN and International News. Michaela Cross, is an American student at The University of Chicago and came to India on a study abroad programme. While in India, she struggled with the blatant staring and sexual harassment that she experienced, and after two rape attempts by Indian men to women on her course, begged for help. She has since apparently been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a white woman living in India, I have been in similar situations, and know how it feels to be treated like a sexual object by men in India. I have been groped, stared at, masturbated over, inappropriately