Rich Deep Dark Semi-Matte Brown Vegan Mineral Eye Shadow - Zookeeper - Sample Size | Empathy Market
Zookeeper We have two dark brown mineral eye shadows now. Velvet which is dark, and now Zookeeper which is even darker! Use it wet as eye liner and dry as eye shadow. The image showing Zookeeper on skin is without use of a makeup primer. Zookeeper is really dark so you only need a tiny bit.. This pretty shade of dark rich deep semi-matte brown mineral eye shadow can be worn on its own to bring out any color eyes. Amazing staying power!! All of our MINERALS have a higher percentage of pure mineral pigments and NO FILLERS, so a small amount on your eyelids provides the same color depth as a heavy application of traditional pressed powder eye makeup. A 5G jar of Overall Beauty MINERALS will last about twice as long as the same amount of cake eye shadow. Comes in 3 gram jar sample size Velvet Coming soon! Please note: that the shade color samples pictured are a photographic representation only, your computer may cause color to vary just a little bit – in true form, the colors are intense and long lasting!