People Reading My Writing? | ehdreeahnah
I want to be a novelist. But I have anxiety over sharing my writing with others. It has gotten better, I'll admit, since I've gotten older. When I first started seriously writing, I would type documents with a font so small that even I wouldn't be able to read what I had written because I was so scared of someone reading over my shoulder. Maybe it extended from feeling like it was "uncool" and I never really wanted people to know how seriously I took it. When I started high school, I anonymously submitted a really cheesy poem as a joke when my friend wanted to submit a bunch of her poetry to a magazine. Mine (that I submitted under the name "Rose Dawson") got published but hers didn't. I submitted again for the following edition of the magazine, this time under my own name and with a piece of a story I was working on. It got published also. One of my classmates saw it and showed it to my Social Studies teacher who was head of the English Department (#privateschoolproblems) and while I