Another Line | ehdreeahnah
So far, most of the writing I've shared on here has been on the short side. To be honest, I actually find short stories to be the hardest to write. I get too invested in the characters and their world. Short stories generally end without being able to explore all that. I mean, they could turn into a series of short stories... but then, they might as well just be chapters in a novel. My goal has always been to be a novelist, and while publishing a collection of short stories or a memoir would be pretty cool too, novels are where my heart and dreams lay. But the problem with an online portfolio is that you can't share anything with the intention of getting it professionally published one day. The second you post something to the internet, it is considered published and thus often not eligible for publication, especially when there's a clause disallowing "previously published work". The closest thing I have to a novel online, is my Digimon fanfiction. Yes, you read that right. Before you