Why I Cancelled My FabFitFun Subscription Box | ehdreeahnah
Ah yes, it is I, Adrianna, The First of her Name, Unsubscriber of Subscription Boxes. Okay, maybe a bit aggressive but I'm back with ANOTHER of these posts and... I feel kind of Debbie Downer-y about it, but hear me out... If you are someone who enjoys checking out beauty/ lifestyle/ fitness posts on various social media platforms, you've probably been exposed to ads from FabFitFun. Clickbait-y phrases like "All of this for just $39.99?", "The #1 Full-Size Box", and "The Box That Broke The Internet" accompany flatlay style photos of beauty products, blanket scarves, brightly coloured packaging and endorsements from reality TV stars of yesteryear. And the bombardment of those ads (and that blanket scarf) convinced me to subscribe to FabFitFun, starting with the Fall 2016 box. Fast forward a year and, yup, I am now unsubscribed to this service. I decided to do this post for a couple reasons, but mostly to help inform people that may be on the fence about subscribing. Another reason I