Who I Needed | ehdreeahnah
[The quote poster thingy in the picture was made with scrapbook paper, a dollar store canvas and my Silhouette Cameo. The lace vase is from Ikea (actually my church... my mom said I could have it, whoops).]If you follow me on any social media you'll know I'm obsessed with quotes. I actually made a big long post on this blog that you can find HERE regarding my long-term love of quotes :) The way I've discovered quotes has definitely changed throughout the years as social media and the internet in general have grown. If you had told me I would soon be finding quotes that were screenshots of tweets on tumblr I (and anyone else) probably would have thought you were bonkers. Yes, bonkers. Yet here we are.I forget what tumblr blog I found it on but it was in my drafts for about a month. It's one of those quotes that make you think. And it just sounds cool. Most of the quotes I collected when I was in elementary and high school were copied and pasted just for that