What's On My Bedside Table? | ehdreeahnah
Throughout my life I've only moved house once but I've had six different bedrooms. Weird, I know. If you'd like to read a post I wrote about the different bedrooms I've occupied, you can check that out HERE. My bedroom has always been my oasis. In grade twelve we had to do a presentation on a work of art that best reflected ourselves and I kind of went outside the box and said my bedroom. Although my decorative freedom was pretty limited until we moved into our new house, expressing myself through things in my room has always been something I've been passionate about. This started as a mini bulletin/ white board that was my first quote board and decorating my dad's filing cabinet that had to stay in my room with wrapping paper, magnets, and window paint. If you saw the bedroom I had for most of my teenage years you would be shocked at the room I have now. From lime green and black with collages on every flat (or flat-ish) surface... to white. White on white on off-white on cream. Maybe