What Makes Me Happy | ehdreeahnah
Sometimes the best blog posts are the simple ones! For this guy, here's a list of 25 things that make me happy! Enjoy :) Baking! Especially for other people. Today we're having company for dinner so I made chocolate chip cookies to go with dessert! Kind comments/ messages on social media. Disney movies. Walking home at night when it's quiet out and I'm listening to music. Looking through pictures or watching home videos. New clothes. Little thoughtful things. Like my dad often brings me home tea for no reason or my best friend will grab me a bagel if we're meeting up and I haven't eaten yet. A girl in my high school class gave me the necklace from Anastasia for no reason other than she knew it was one of my favourite movies. Road trips. New arrivals at Lush. Hearing "I miss you". When I come home and there's a package waiting for me on the stairs. Getting to pick my birthday dinner. Kate Spade. Dogs. People saying nice things about me when I'm not around. Long conversations with loved