West Edmonton Mall Haul | ehdreeahnah
When planning our cross-Canada road trip, one of the things we had to do was prioritize. It's impossible to do everything so a lot of judgement calls had to made and one was Edmonton vs Calgary. We wouldn't be able to go to both of Alberta's major cities and whichever one we picked would determine where we would cross from BC into Alberta. Edmonton ended up winning out for a few reasons, but primarily because we were going to all the other provincial capitals and of course, there's West Edmonton Mall. West Edmonton Mall was the biggest shopping mall in the world until the early 2000's and is presently the biggest mall in North America. I've been to the biggest mall in the United States and regularly shop at the biggest mall in my home province of BC, but never been to WEM. Until this past summer. WEM is perhaps more well known for containing both the largest indoor amusement park and the largest indoor waterpark in the world. On top of that, there's also an ice rink, animal enclosures,