My YouTube Journey | ehdreeahnah
Hi everyone! I just posted a new tag video looking back at my time on YouTube so far! This video is originally by Ebbilovesmakeup (you can watch hers HERE) and I discovered it through Abby Williamson (which is right HERE if you're interested!). I thought I'd give it a try and you can check out mine below! If you have a YouTube channel and want to give this tag a try (or just want to follow along with the video), here are the questions: 1. When did you first start your channel and what was the first video you posted? 2. Which YouTubers inspired you to start your channel? 3. What is the worst video you have ever filmed? 4. What is your favourite video you have ever filmed? 5. What is your favourite type of video to film? 6. What aspect of your makeup has improved the most? 7. What aspect of your filming process has improved the most? 8. What were your goals when you first started your channel? 9. Who has supported you the most? 10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to