Spring Cleaning: Decluttering Your Entire Life | ehdreeahnah
I am a sentimental hoarder. Someone might kindly label me a collector, but when the sheer number of collections become a collection in itself, we have to call it like it is. With that said, I also love sorting and organization. From the time I was in high school, family members and neighbours would "hire" me to organize rooms or spaces and I loved doing it. From sorting my brothers LEGO and K'nex from their Mega Blox and dismembered Bionicles to completely redoing my aunt's bathroom cabinets, my mom's closet, and neighbour's playroom... it always brought me joy (and a little bit of extra cash). While organization and sorting is a strength, it isn't until relatively recently that I've been any good at purging. I've donated stuff I don't wear or use anymore, but in 2016 after following along with Tonya Dalton (of Inkwell Press)'s "Get Organized" Challenge, I really started decluttering. It was a few months after a major breakup and several other significant changes in my life so getting