Quote/ Unquote | ehdreeahnah
I'm what you might call a quote-a-holic. Actually, you probably wouldn't because you're obviously way cooler than me and wouldn't use terms like that. But I really, really, REALLY love quotes. My obsession started back in elementary school when chain emails were a big thing. I actually have a few funny ones saved on my computer still, but the majority were cheesy poems that you had to forward to everyone you loved to remind them that you care. And when you were twelve in the early 2000's, it was very serious business. Anyway, I received one (and I honestly couldn't tell you who sent it to me) but instead of the usual cheesy poem it was a bunch of (equally cheesy) short sayings punctuated with emoticons illustrating each saying. And a monster was created. I printed out the group of sayings on my dad's old black and white printer and pinned it on the little half cork board and half white board that I had in my room. And thus, my new quote obsession spawned my first quote board. These