My November Goal: NaNoWriMo 2015 | ehdreeahnah
Something that I want to do with this blog is have a monthly theme or goal to achieve. I didn't really have one through September as the blog was forming (if you don't count BlogTember), and October had the unofficial theme of getting my life together and keeping up with school assignments. Not quite blogworthy. For these goals/ themes, I want them to be something physical that can be tracked like completing BlogTember (oops), Getting-My-Life-Together-Tober (checking off assignments), and the plans I have for both November (the point of this post) and December (we'll get to that next month). Maybe as we get into 2016 I'll change that, and of course there will be other non-themed content on here, but but for now I think it would be a great addition to my blog. Also, it can function as a way to help me not only focus my content but keep me accountable with posting, not letting my content get boring or repetitive, and just a way of helping me achieve personal goals that I have for myself.