My First Q&A | ehdreeahnah
Q&As are a type of video that many people post on YouTube, often regularly, and are a great way to get to know someone beyond the typical content they may post. Seeking questions often happens via Twitter or Instagram, even Snapchat becoming more and more popular as a way for influencers to announce an upcoming Q&A and seek questions for them to, you know, answer. While I've always wanted to do one, part of me has always been a little terrified that I wouldn't get any questions and would just have to awkwardly pretend I had never asked. It happens on Tumblr quite a bit with "ask games", so I never took the plunge. Enter another page from Dana Fox's prompt book that I've been working my way through over the past couple years. (You can check out the other prompts I've done from 365 Blog Topic Ideas HERE!) #236: "Ask me anything" (Ask your readers to submit questions for you to answer). Funny how things work, hey? Having that as one of the potential blog post topics gave me the