My First Day With Pokémon Go | ehdreeahnah
If you, like me, were in elementary school in the late nineties and early 00's, chances are Pokémon was a pretty big part of your childhood. And wasn't part of that always the dream of becoming a real life Pokémon trainer (/master/ breeder/ gym leader)? Fast forward to now, 2016, and the launch of Pokémon Go. When the augmented reality game was first announced almost a year ago, the hype was unreal. I mean, look at this trailer, how could it not be? But as things progressed with next to no news, people started to doubt. Throughout 2016 several beta testing periods launched through Japan, Australia/ New Zealand, and the USA. I, among many others, watched from afar (although not that "afar" seeing as it's quicker for me to get to the US than it is for me to get to school...) as people got to test out the much awaited app. I continuously Google'd for updates, with the best source being the Pokémon Go Reddit page. As much as some people liked it, there was an overwhelming sense of