Music Monday: Review of Taylor Swift's Reputation (Part I) | ehdreeahnah
My original title for this post was - Music Monday: My Thoughts on Taylor Swift's New Album and What it means to be a Fan in the Reputation Era. But that sounds more like the title of an honours thesis, and thankfully, 2018 is the first year I'm starting off as a university graduate and thus, the days of long-winded titles and essay writing are behind me. Or so I thought before seeing the monstrosity that this post turned out to be. Because I'm sure you don't want to read a 5000 word blog post (or maybe you do which is pretty cool but unfortunately you are in the minority and while I totally appreciate it and you,) the original novel of a post is going to be split into two... novellas. The first (this one) is more of an overview of the second half of my little subtitle and focused on the kind of culture surrounding being a Taylor Swift fan, especially now in 2018 with the relatively recent release of "reputation", the album era so far, and what it looks like going into the tour