Music Monday: Music Quiz (2018) | ehdreeahnah
One of the original things I did on social media was those little survey/ quiz things. Originally I did them as e-mail chain letters, then on my Nexopia blog, and then moved it over to Tumblr. Presently I have 174 completed quizzes on there (which you can find HERE, either if you're interested in my answers or taking them for yourself!) and that doesn't include the "ask games" where there is a list of questions for your followers to send you numbers/ words corresponding to different things for you to answer. I saw one of those come up on my dashboard and instead of simply reblogging it, I felt it would make a cool Music Monday post as I haven't done a new playlist on here in awhile! The Tumblr account that posted this originally is now deactivated but HERE is the permalink where I got it from. There are thirty prompts, intended to be answerable with a song so I have included an embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post but you can open the playlist separately HERE! The songs