Kindness & Community | ehdreeahnah
A few weeks ago I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel and wrote a blog post to go with it. It was something I had been putting off for quite awhile for several reasons that I discuss in the video, but a main one was I didn't want to come off preachy. I was worried that after posting a video which essentially scolded people for leaving particularly hurtful comments, people would lash out and I would be welcoming some kind of cruel verbal backlash upon myself and my social media. Boy, was I wrong. I feel like it's unfair for me to make a video/ blog post addressing negative comments without then posting this follow up celebrating the subsequent positive feedback. That is definitely not to say that I haven't received kind comments before posting the video about my tremor because I absolutely have. I have been really lucky with my YouTube experience and the wonderful people that have reached out to me through my videos. But the comments I've received after posting my Essential Tremor