How I Organize My Six Generation Sims Family (With Over 350 Members) | ehdreeahnah
I'm not much of a gamer. Aside from the educational computer games we were allowed back in the day, a Harvest Moon stint, and a fair share of Pokémon games... I don't have much of a gaming repertoire. But my Simming makes up for it. Even though I've played all four instalments of The Sims franchise, I am a loyal slave to The Sims 2. My first Sims 2 family was a family of four who had two teenagers: David and Sarah. All I remember is that David had a red jersey and was a real jerk who always beat up on poor Sarah. Generally, my MO when playing Sims generally involves making myself and either my family or a friends group. I find there's more at stake this way. After I had collected a few expansion packs I made a Sims version of my "real life" family plus a couple extra kids. I had dabbled with the custom content that you can download for your game (although I only really used hair, makeup, and clothes because I found the "real" looking faces extremely creepy) (Clockwise: Heather,