How I Lost My Job | ehdreeahnah
When I say I want to be a writer, often people will make a comment about going into journalism and after seeing my facial expression they'll say something along the lines "oh... so like books or something?" I took and loved Yearbook/ Journalism class in high school. Except I hated the Journalism part. Making the layouts was fun, I was gladly responsible for all the multimedia presentations, and I liked collecting the quotes and write-ups from my grad class. I was even on the cover of the yearbook in my grade twelve year, which won an award for being the best yearbook in Canada. But it definitely was not because of my double page spread on the Junior Boys Basketball Team. I had severe anxiety over talking to these boys that were my younger brother's age. Many of them were his friends, or my friends' brothers. Some had been to my house and I'd been to theirs. But even the thought of interviewing them left me me waking up from anxiety nightmares for