Currently… (March 6th 2019) | ehdreeahnah
It's time for another instalment of my "Currently..." series! I love these because they're quick but cover a broad range of topics. It's also cool to look back at the older ones (HERE) because they function as a snapshot of my life at that time. Anyway, here's what currently happening for me: Reading... Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake. It's the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood which is apparently what KB is best known for. I was a big fan of her other two series (Three Dark Crowns and Goddess War) so I decided to give the duology a go. It's full of voodoo and ghosts and witches and all that... which is apropos since yesterday was Mardi Gras (cue wistful rememberings of being in New Orleans a year and a half ago). TBH I prefer the other two series because this one feels very John Green with a dash of Supernatural plus a Buffy cameo but what do I know. Playing... around with some new skincare stuff. I've been really lazy with it since finishing Accutane but since I'm in my *late*