Currently… (April 25th 2016) | ehdreeahnah
I did this post once before as part of a Blogtember prompt and it's just a nice quick way to check in! You can read my previous one HERE which was from September. The name of the game is to fill out all the things you're currently doing, with different specifics for each line. So here we go! Reading… about a mall in the town I'm travelling to in a couple weeks. Playing… how long can I go without cleaning my room. I'm not sure who's winning. Watching… Gilmore Girls. Trying… to empty my tumblr queue. I had something like 500 posts in my queue/ drafts and it was overwhelming me haha. Cooking… nothing because we have no food. Maybe I'll bake cookies. Eating… I had some leftover spinach pasta but it was gross haha. Drinking… water. Calling… nobody atm. Texting… about someone random who just tagged me in an Instagram picture that is definitely not me haha. Pinning… not very much actually. I'm more about just scrolling through