Challenge Accepted! | ehdreeahnah
I am a big advocate of social media challenges. I started Tumblr as a place to keep all my quiz posts and soon thereafter discovered "Tumblr Challenges", mostly lasting thirty days where there's a prompt or question for each day/ number in the challenge and I used it as a way to have consistent content for my blog before really getting the hang of Tumblr and then to practice making GIFs and other sorts of posts. You can check out all those HERE. One of the first things I did when I started an Instagram was an Instagram Challenge (which I posted and linked in my Tumblr Challenge section) and later I did the "100 Happy Days" which involved posting a picture every day for one hundred days about, you guessed it, something that made you happy. Soon after I started this blog I attempted Blogtember 2015, and more recently Blogtember 2016. I really like the idea of being challenged to post (by whatever means) based on prompts or whatever else. Generally I don't finish within the given time