BLOGTEMBER DAY 3: Mood Board | ehdreeahnah
Hi everyone! It's day three of Blog-tember and we're still going strong! Given, all my posts have been late at night and I am in one of the last time zones so you might be seeing this on day four but regardless, thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by! Thursday, September 3rd, 2015: Create a collage or inspiration/ mood board that describes your blog. One of my favourite aesthetics lately has been simple: white, gray, and black with maybe some gold accents. You can see this from the desktop version of this blog, my tumblr, and even my bedroom. So, when I started compiling pictures and inspiration for my mood board I tried really hard to go with that... but it was what I find visually appealing and not so much an accurate representation of my blog or the things you'll see here. I am a creative person and while I love simple, clean looking canvases... that is just incomplete until I've attacked it with paint, crayons, scrapbook paper, quotes, or anything that helps it look... me