BLOGTEMBER DAY 25: Pokémon Go Review | ehdreeahnah
Sunday, September 25th: Review something! A place, a book, a service, a product. Anything at all! After posting my first impressions of Pokémon Go I wanted to do a bit of a recap after having played the game for awhile so initially this post was going to be "My First Month With Pokémon Go"... but then I saw the Blogtember prompts and decided that this would be a bit of an unexpected way to interpret it, while simultaneously getting to use the blog post notes I had anyway. I started playing on July 8th. We'll just casually let it slide that the app wasn't technically available in Canada until about ten days later. It's now September 25th so I've had a good amount of time to play and get a feel for the game (in it's current form up to this point) as well as be able to point out some pretty basic flaws and some great features. Overall I still really like playing Pokemon Go. It seems like they've fixed the server issues that plagued the game for the first couple weeks so that's