BLOGTEMBER DAY 19: My Prized Posts | ehdreeahnah
The first two weeks of September have been crazy, in the best way of course! However, in between starting classes, having a weekend extraordinaire with my best friend and then going on a family holiday to Seattle my daily blogging fell to the wayside. But I'm back and ready to catch up and keep on schedule for the rest of the month (hopefully...)! Monday, September 19th, 2016: A list of your favourite blog posts you've written. This blog (starting as and now in its current form) is just over two years old and in that time I've written quite a few posts! Here's a top ten list (although they're not really in any order) of some of my favourites! My Wreck This Journal Masterpost: Ever since I started posting my WTJ pages to the internet I've struggled with how best to display them all in a somewhat unified manner. This post is the answer to that and a lot of time and effort went into it, and I'm really happy with how the masterpost turned out! Anastasia The Musical