BELATED BLOGTEMBER DAY 11: Insta-Faves | ehdreeahnah
Sunday, September 11th 2016: Round up of your favorite Instagrammers! Who should we follow? I always struggle with these kind of posts. I usually just use these to promote my friends' accounts because it kind of weirds me out to dedicate a whole post to giving shoutouts to people who don't know I exist. I don't know, that's probably just me. So instead, I'm going to switch it up and recommend five of my favourite Instagram hashtags to search through! #BBG: BBG or Bikini Body Guide is Kayla Itsines workout program that has millions of followers. I admit it seems a little cult-y sometimes but the results are undeniable. I like lurking through this tag for inspiration. People post their body transformations, as well as post-workout pictures mixed in with food and quotes. It's helpful to see other people on their journeys as well, and even though I don't post mine publicly, I really enjoy seeing how everyone is changing their lives. #WreckThisJournal: My Wreck This Journal images are my